we might fall.


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tv ( lost. alias. flashforward. merlin. legend of the seeker. persons unknown. will&grace. scrubs. glee. dharma&greg. ) literature ( anita blake. wuthering heights. jane eyre. dangerous angels. pretty dead. the mists of avalon. the importance of being earnest. lady windermere's fan. dracula. fallen. sweep. war of vampires. vampire chronicles ) music ( elisa. muse. jeff buckley. him. paramore. my chemical romance. evanescence. within temptation. nightwish. lacuna coil. the smiths. placebo. editors. killers. queen. florence and the machine. the fray. ryan star. the cure. led zeppelin. negrita )
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richard&kahlan; dahlia&cara; sawyer&kate; charlie&claire; desmond&penny; vaughn&sydney; simon&janis; arthur&morgana; finn&kurt; puck&quinn; finn&rachel; jessie&rachel; jean-claude&anita; daniel&luce; vlad&mina; m.s.a.l.m.&weetzie; emily&charlotte; jared&emily; heathcliff&catherine; CROSSOVER: sawyer&kahlan; richard&morgana; cara&anita; REAL LIFE: ben&jennifer; josh&evie; andrea&elisa; giorgio&elisa; lea&dianna; jared&gerard; javier&penelope; cory&chris.
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Alice, '93, Italy. Adoring Music, Nature, Life. Sometimes she thinks she's Benjamin Button, growing younger day by day, but she likes to enjoy life without thoughts, even if she thinks way too much.
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